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Social Media Facts And Statistics Every Church Needs To Pay Attention To - Ministry Tips

Social Media Facts And Statistics Every Church Needs To Pay Attention To
Rick Smith
  • On January 4, 2013

It seems like 2012 was the year of “social media” and “seo,” especially in the church / non-profit world. People that had once made fun of me for using twitter decided to jump on the twitter band wagon. A few churches began to see the value in using social media to reach people who ever never been reached. And non profits started using social tools to share stories (and we all know stories have been changing lives since the beginning of man.)

I came across this info graph from The Huffington Post which shows just how powerful the social web has become. Here are a few facts that really stood out to me:

  • 1 Million Websites Have Integrated With Facebook (as your church website done this yet?)
  • 23% of Facebook users check their Facebook account 5 or more times a day! (Talk about being a listening audience)
  • To date there has been in excess of 163 Billion Tweets Tweeted!
  • Over a half a million people (625,000) people are joining Google + each day! (Is your church on Google +)
  • Websites using the +1 button are increasing their page trafic by 350%! (Who wouldn’t like this sort of traffic increase?)
  • More than 5 million photos are uploaded to Instagram every 24 hours! (Is your church on Instagram?)
  • 50% of Pinterest Users have children
  • 80& of Pinterest users are women. (Is your church on Pinterest?)

The church should pay close attention to these statistics as we haven’t seen anything yet. I hope your church or non-profit is continually thinking through all you use the social web to reach and connect with people.

church  social media stats facts

What ways is your church or non-profit using social media to connect with people, both internally and externally? What social media accounts does your church actively use? Who runs these social media accounts? Is it someone in marketing / communications, or someone on your pastoral staff? Leave a comment below and tell us about it.


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