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The Church And Non-Profit Guide To Twitter | Ministry Tips

(Almost) Everything You’ve Always Wanted To Know About Twitter But Were Afraid To Ask
Rick Smith
  • On January 14, 2013

In my job as the Director of Digital Ministries (yes, that’s a real job) I’m often asked questions like:

“What sorts of things should I (my ministry / my church / my Goldendoodle, etc)  tweet about?”

“How can I get more people to follow me, and as a result become super awesome on twitter?”

“What’s the best Twitter iPhone app?”

“How can I become the mayor of twitter?” 

“How can I get Justin Bieber to retweet me?”

If you’ve ever found yourself asking questions like these, welcome, this Twitter guide is just for you. By the way, you can be the first to know when I publish a new post in this series by clicking on the button below and following me on Twitter. If you do, be sure to send me an @ reply (if you don’t know what that is yet, don’t worry you will!) and say hi, I’d love to connect with you!

First Things First….

This Twitter guide / blog series is a work in progress. Below you’ll find the main topics I’ll be covering in this guide which will be updated  with live links as the individual posts are published. As this guide is created I may add to the list below. Be sure to leave a comment below and let me know if there are any areas I’m missing that you would like to see included in this guide.

I want to be the first to admit that I’m not an expert on using Twitter (if anyone, other than this guy, tells you that they are simply roll your eyes (in a very loving, Christ-like way) and go back to your business. Although I have a lot of experience connecting with people on Twitter, the truth of the matter is we’re all learning together.

I hope you find this beginner guide to twitter useful. My hope is that this guide helps equip you to use this epic online tool in even more productive ways.

The Church / Nonprofit Guide To Twitter

  1. Why you, your church / ministry / non-profit should be on Twitter, now.
  2. How to set up a twitter account (the right way) for your church, ministry, or dog. (Yes, dogs are on twitter.)
  3. What twitter app should you use for your iPhone, Mac, or computer?
  4. # signs, @ Symbols, and .’s. Why grammer matter’s when it comes to Twitter.
  5. What’s a hash tag, and why your church needs one.
  6. How to get your first 100 Twitter followers.
  7. How to get your next 10 billion Twitter followers.
  8. The single best way to gain and keep followers (both on Twitter, and in real life.)
  9. 13 reasons your own mother won’t even follow you on Twitter.
  10. 25 ideas of things you can Tweet about to help you become a little more awesomer on Twitter (or) Why you shouldn’t tweet 500 Bible Verses a Day.
  11. 7 reasons you should be using Twitter Lists.
  12. How to use Twitter local search to help connect people with your ministry.
  13. Why you should (and shouldn’t) use automated Twitter tools to schedule your tweets.
  14. 10 steps to help keep you from getting “Twitter burn out”.
  15. The very, very, very, most important thing everyone absolutely must know about Twitter. (or) The Twitter Golden Rule.

I’m looking forward to creating this Twitter user guide, and I hope you find it useful. Please be sure to leave a comment below and let me know what you think, and if there are any topics I missed that you would like to see added to this guide.

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